My Skimboarding Journey [Updated]

A journey back in time from when I started skimboarding on a round woody, discovering what skimboarding is all about and importing my first board directly from one of Exile’s co-founders, all the way up to the present representing Exile in South Africa, sponsoring a rider & growing SkimZA into a respected local skimboarding community & resource.

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2 Oceans Vibe Radio Interview [Audio]

Here finally – for your listing pleasure – is the 2 Ocean’s Vibe Radio Interview that I did on 20th June on the the Mark Bayly Show.

Between bodyboarders & skimboarders who would win a fight? Should fat kids be skimming? And what should Nicole wear while skimming? Everything get’s revealed in this 20min interview.

Shot to Riccardo for setting this up & thanks to Mark & Nicole for hosting me!

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SkimZA Sessions Durban 2011 [Video]

The SkimZA Sessions Durban were held for the first time ever between 9 – 14 July 2011. Let this baby buffer & then enjoy six days crammed into three and a half minutes! A Posmay Media production in association with SkimZA, Exile South Africa, Victoria South Africa & filmed exclusively on GoPro Adventure Cameras. I’m … Read more goes live

Welcome to the official SkimZA website. I’m stoked that I’ve finally found the time to give SkimZA a proper home on the web. A website that can serve as the foundations of a community, as well as grow into a useful resource. This site does not serve to replace our Facebook group, but to expand … Read more

The First to Skim the Tip of Africa

28 March 2010 – First Skim Mission to Dias Beach, Cape Point After talking about this for way too long, I’m stoked to say that it finally happened – the first (of hopefully many) Dias Beach skim missions. This must be one of the most scenic & majestic beaches in the world & it’s right … Read more