2 Oceans Vibe Radio Interview [Audio]

Here finally – for your listing pleasure – is the 2 Ocean’s Vibe Radio Interview that I did on 20th June on the the Mark Bayly Show.

Between bodyboarders & skimboarders who would win a fight? Should fat kids be skimming? And what should Nicole wear while skimming? Everything get’s revealed in this 20min interview.

Shot to Riccardo for setting this up & thanks to Mark & Nicole for hosting me!

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Board Building for Dummies – Part III

Giving your board some personality [frame_right]https://www.skimza.com/live2skim/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/charl_thumb.jpg[/frame_right]According to that ancient saying we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but if we’re honest, the first thing that will draw your attention to a skimboard is the way it looks. Well, if whoever is riding it is doing huge airs and turns that will draw your attention … Read more