My Skimboarding Journey [Updated]

A journey back in time from when I started skimboarding on a round woody, discovering what skimboarding is all about and importing my first board directly from one of Exile’s co-founders, all the way up to the present representing Exile in South Africa, sponsoring a rider & growing SkimZA into a respected local skimboarding community & resource.

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2 Oceans Vibe Radio Interview [Audio]

Here finally – for your listing pleasure – is the 2 Ocean’s Vibe Radio Interview that I did on 20th June on the the Mark Bayly Show.

Between bodyboarders & skimboarders who would win a fight? Should fat kids be skimming? And what should Nicole wear while skimming? Everything get’s revealed in this 20min interview.

Shot to Riccardo for setting this up & thanks to Mark & Nicole for hosting me!

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SkimZA Sessions Durban 2011 [Video]

The SkimZA Sessions Durban were held for the first time ever between 9 – 14 July 2011. Let this baby buffer & then enjoy six days crammed into three and a half minutes! A Posmay Media production in association with SkimZA, Exile South Africa, Victoria South Africa & filmed exclusively on GoPro Adventure Cameras. I’m … Read more

Board Building for Dummies – Part IV

Home stretch, let’s glass. So, it’s taken a great deal of time and effort to get to this stage and now it’s time to add some strength to this board. At this crucial stage it is again important to know what foam you’re dealing with or if you don’t, testing the foam would be the … Read more

Victoria World Champs of Skimboarding 2011

The Victoria Skimboards World Championship of Skimboarding (WCS) is the longest running skimboard contest on the professional tour with a groundbreaking resume. The West Coast Championships event is the the 3rd stop of the United Skim Tour (UST) 2011. What the live stream & raw playback. Victoria Skimboards has been running the World Championship of Skimboarding … Read more

Board Building for Dummies – Part III

Giving your board some personality [frame_right][/frame_right]According to that ancient saying we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but if we’re honest, the first thing that will draw your attention to a skimboard is the way it looks. Well, if whoever is riding it is doing huge airs and turns that will draw your attention … Read more

Board Building for Dummies – Part II

Shaping is a breeze, right? Actually shaping is a lot of work and one part of in the board building process that can make or break a board. One of the best decisions I’d made so far was admitting that my shaping abilities were close to zero before starting and getting the help of a … Read more goes live

Welcome to the official SkimZA website. I’m stoked that I’ve finally found the time to give SkimZA a proper home on the web. A website that can serve as the foundations of a community, as well as grow into a useful resource. This site does not serve to replace our Facebook group, but to expand … Read more

“We Can Use That Snapped Surfboard”

A short summary covering the history of skimboarding in Durban. Skimboarding in Durban was jointly birthed in the contentious minds of the brothers Craig (the elder) and Luke (the buffer) Jordaan. Having seen it in the social periphery, they scoured their litany of broken surfboards (the brothers are known for their aggressive brutality in the … Read more

Board building for dummies – Part I

When I go to the beach there are always a few things I can count on seeing; sand, water, sun baked guys yelling “lolly to make you jolly” and the bunch of guys in the corner, skimming and having a good time. Last year I met the skimboarding crew of Camps Bay, Cape Town and … Read more