Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy good quality skimboards in Cape Town/South Africa?

Unfortunately, there are currently not many options. SkimZA sells Exile Skimboards, which are top of the range boards imported from California, USA. We import boards in batches of 6 based on custom orders.

If you’re interested, then check out the Exile Skimboards 2017 Prices & Order Form.

Are there any cheaper locally produced boards?

In the past, there have been locally produced boards, but the quality was inferior and supply was unpredictable.
SkimZA currently does not recommend any local skimboard brands.

Does SkimZA have a store in Cape Town where I can look at the boards you sell?

SkimZA is an online-only retailer. Unfortunately we don’t have a physical store in Cape Town, however, we do have a representative that can possibly show you some boards. Get in touch if you’re interested.

What stock/boards do you currently have for sale?

We currently do not have any stock. We import a batch of boards after receiving enough orders.
If you’re interested, then check out the Exile Skimboards 2017 Prices & Order Form.

Can I order directly from Exile Skimboards or do I have to order through SkimZA?

Technically you can order directly from Exile, but the cost of shipping an individual board to South Africa is extremely high.

SkimZA is the official distributor and reseller of Exile products in South Africa. We collect orders and import boards in batches, making sure you get the best product at the best price.

Where can I buy a “proper” skimboard for my 8-15 year old son/daughter?

Unfortunately, there are currently no local boards that we can recommend.

SkimZA imports and sells Exile’s Super G board, which is an entry level board for riders up to 63.5 kg.
The next level up would be the entry level, the EX2 board. If interested, check out the Exile Skimboards 2017 Prices & Order Form. 

Any other questions that you’d like answered?

Please get in touch so we can add the answer to this page.