SkimZA MockTest 2011



SUNDAY 20 Nov 2011 :: Camps Bay, Cape Town
1 day skim ‘mocktest’ with a 2 day window period.

We’re Skimming on Sunday!

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SkimZA brings you MockTest 2011 – this was going to be the first ever skimboarding competition to be held in Cape Town, but it has since been downgraded to a ‘mocktest’ including expression sessions.

The one day event will take place on the right hand side of Camps Bay beach. Clifton 1st & 2nd will serve as a backup beaches. There will also be a possible pre-contest session on Friday afternoon to welcome the riders coming down from Durban.

  • Fri 18th: 5:30pm – High Tide @ 21:00 (pre-contest free-skimming session)
  • Sun 20th: 8:00am – High Tide @ 09:30
  • Sun 20th: 8:00pm – After Party @ 20:00 – Rafikis



This will be a very informal & chilled event. Don’t expect big marquees, sound systems & sponsorships.

  1. The MockTest – various heats, leading up to the final with 4 riders
  2. Expression Sessions – Most Impressive trick, Biggest Air & Worst Wipeout

For the mocktest riders will be “seeded” (to the best of our ability) & will be grouped into heats containing 3 or 4 riders each. 2 riders of each heat will progress to the next round (read under “Voting” for details). Each heat will last 15min & there will be no age or gender divisions – we will take both into consideration.

For the free-skimming sessions riders will be grouped into heats of 3 or 4 riders. Each heat will last 15min in which riders have the chance to perform/land the most impressive trick / wave, biggest air, best wrap & prevent the worst wipeout.


There will be no official judging for this event.

At the end of each heat a quick vote will be called. All riders that are in close proximity can vote using a show of hands. The riders with the most votes will progress to the next heat.


Heats/Sessions will run for 15min each. Each rider can run for as many waves as he/she chooses, however riders should be fair & sporting with regards to wave selection & behaviour.

Best 5 waves count & in theory should be “judged” by the audience …


Just for your interest…

This is a rule that is used throughout the UST & would apply if this event was properly judged. However this won’t apply to our event.

The frontside/backside rule means that (of your 5 waves) 2 have to be frontside & 2 have to be backside – the 5th wave can be either. This encourages more diverse skimming.

So, if you only run backside, then a maximum of 3 waves will count.
We’ll encourage this, but it won’t be possible to monitor this with audience voting.


The event will be happening on SUNDAY 20th NOV. Meeting at Camps Bay at 8am sharp.

Please note that the first Heat A will start at 8:30 sharp. If you are not ready to skim when your heat starts, then you probably won’t win your heat.

The schedule is a guideline. Please be ready to skim 15min before & 15min after the scheduled tome for your heat. Each heat is 15min with a 5min voting & switch-over time before the next heat starts.

Unfortunately we won’t have any prices. We skimming for bragging rights!

Sunday 20th Nov

08:00 Sign ins & Warm ups
08:30 Heat A
08:50 Heat B
09:10 Heat C
09:30 Heat D
09:50 Heat E
10:10 Heat F
10:30 QF A
10:50 QF B
11:10 QF C
11:30 SF A
11:50 SF B
12:10 FINAL
12:30 LUNCH
We’ll create heats based on who still wants to skim.
Thanks to Luke for organizing this. Drinks, Skim DVDs, Music, Good Times!


HEAT A – 08:30

  • Luke Godfrey
  • Alex Smuts
  • Jayson Brandon

HEAT B – 08:50

  • Guthrie Fraser
  • Shaun Gardner
  • David Williams

HEAT C – 09:10

  • Chris da Canha
  • Sean Twomey
  • Riccardo Wiltshire
  • EB

HEAT D – 09:30

  • Chris van der Merwe
  • Tristan Beebe
  • Gino Martini
  • Cameron Sharp

HEAT E – 09:50

  • James Dean
  • Luke Ochse
  • Roberto Danon
  • James Matthes

HEAT F – 10:10

  • Dean Wilkie
  • Charl Neethling
  • Peter White


QF A – 10:30

  • [A1]
  • [B2]
  • [E1]
  • [F1]

QF B – 10:50

  • [B1]
  • [C2]
  • [D1]
  • [F2]

QF C – 11:10

  • [C1]
  • [A2]
  • [D2]
  • [E2]


SF A – 11:30

  • [QFA1]
  • [QFC1]
  • [QFB2]

SF B – 11:50

  • [QFA2]
  • [QFB1]
  • [QFC2]


FINAL – 12:10

  • [SFA1]
  • [SFA2]
  • [SFB1]
  • [SFB2]