Skimboard Buyers Guide

Written by Sean Twomey | Updated: 30 Nov 2018

Not sure what skimboard to buy or how much to spend? You have come to the right place.

On this page I will do my best to provide you with some things to think about when purchasing a new skimboard. Do keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and aimed at skimboarders in South Africa that are new to the sport.

Retailers – Where can I buy a skimboard in South Africa?

Unfortunately there are currently not many options.

There are various surf and beach shops in South Africa that sell entry level wooden boards, which usually only last for a season.

In the past, there have been locally produced boards, but the quality was inferior and supply was unpredictable.
SkimZA currently does not recommend any local skimboard brands.

Price – How much do skimboards cost?

When it comes to buying a skimboard the saying “you get what you pay for” generally applies.

The short answer is between R 450 (wooden board) and R 11 200 (carbon fiber pro model), but my usual reply is “How much would you like to spend”? I personally recommend paying more and buying a quality board instead of paying the minimum and buying a board that might underperform, snap or delaminate. Also, remember that good quality boards have great resell value and are always in demand (especially in South Africa).

Wooden boards from surf and beach shops retail for around R450 – R600 and are usually imported from China.

Size, Shape & Thickness – What do I need?

The size, shape and thickness of a your board are very important factors that will influence your board’s performance on sand, but MOST importantly on the water.

  • Thicker and wider boards are more buoyant but slower – generally for BEGINNERS.
  • Thinner and narrower boards are less buoyant but faster – recommended for the more ADVANCED riders.
  • More rocker makes the sand-to-water transition easier but reduces speed.
  • Less rocker makes the transition trickier but much faster.
  • Best is to read up more about the board shapes and ride as many different boards as possible to find out what works best for your ability and style.

Brand – What brand should I choose?

I personally ride Exile and highly recommend their boards. I’m sure fellow Exile riders understand what I mean. There is definitely not “one best brand” out there. The different brands meet different needs & everybody has their unique preference.

Brand Guide – brands that SkimZA recommends

Exile Skimboards – San Clemente, California USA

Exile has become one of the most popular skimboard brands in the world. Their boards have earned a reputation for strength and durability that is unsurpassed. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service and attention to detail.