SkimZA Sessions Durban 2011 [Video]

The SkimZA Sessions Durban were held for the first time ever between 9 – 14 July 2011.
Let this baby buffer & then enjoy six days crammed into three and a half minutes!

A Posmay Media production in association with SkimZA, Exile South Africa, Victoria South Africa & filmed exclusively on GoPro Adventure Cameras.

I’m looking forward to getting more footage, regularly editing mini movies & in the long run working towards a SkimZA documentary. Now with GoPro Adventure Cameras on board we’re totally going to make it happen!

SkimZA Sessions Cape Town 2011 will (hopefully) be held around Nov/Dec – dates TBA. I’m looking forward to making it a big occasion. I’m hoping some of the Durbanites will come down & join us.

Any specific ideas regarding the Cape Town sessions? Dates, beaches, anything else?
Leave a comment below.